About Us

Sarah Fennig, DVM

      Hello my name is Sarah Fennig and I am the owner of Family Veterinary Services. I want to introduce myself to those that may not know me. I was born and raised here in Celina, Ohio. I graduated from Celina High School in 2001 and then furthered my education at The Ohio State University getting my bachelors degree in 2005. My Doctor of Veterinary Medicine was completed at Ross University in 2010. I came back to my home roots and worked as a mixed animal veterinarian at Celina Animal Hospital. In April of 2013 I married Ryan Fennig from Celina and we reside in Coldwater, ohio with show cows and a dog named Emmit. We have 3 beautiful daughters: Addison, Elyse, and Amelia. We believe in strong family values and the amazing support we get from our family.

        I have realized that over the last 10 years of me being a veterinarian that my clients have become more than just a number but family! I treat every patient that I see as if they are my own and that standard of care is what I pride in. I am primarily a small animal veterinarian now with a wide variety of skill sets and open to new alternatives. There is no set protocol for every patient but they are all so different from each other that each patient requires their own specific treatment that works both for the patient and you the client. I hope that I will be part of the future with each one of you and want you to feel like part of the Family Veterinary Services family.

Staff Members

Megan Rutschilling, RVT

Megan graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Bradford Schools in 2014. She has been working in this facility since 2014. She currently has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with her fiancé, friends, family, and outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and hiking.

Sarah Keith, Groomer

Sarah started her grooming career five years ago as a bather and then was trained to become a groomer shortly after. She has completed many hours of continuing education seminars all over the country. She feels that staying up to date with the latest techniques is important for the well being of each pet she grooms. Sarah has five dogs, two Australian Cattle dogs Hank and Cody, Smooth Collie mix Ally, Border Collie Rip & a Toy Poodle Kevin. 

Along with continuing education seminars, Sarah is also an award winning competition groomer. She competes with her Toy Poodle in the Salon Freestyle class which allows her to have creativity with the style of haircut Kevin revives. She has also done multiple “Rescue Roundup” competitions. These competitions are dedicated to rescue dogs that need a thorough grooming. This competition class has helped many rescue dogs get placed into a new home! 

In her free time she likes to spend time with her husband, family, and friends. She also enjoys training dogs in basic obedience, taking herding lessons with her Border Collie and Cattle Dog, and spending time with her two Tennessee Walking horses, Blaze & Elsie.  

Amanda Forsthoefel, RVT

Amanda Forsthoefel is a full time registered Vet Tech at Family Veterinary Services. She graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute in 2013 with an applied science degree and passed her state boards shortly after. She married her husband, Patrick, in 2014 and together they have 3 young boys who are all very close in age. Amanda and her family have 3 dogs, 2 German Shepherds and 1 Australian Shepherd mix, along with 3 outdoor cats, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. Amanda enjoys gardening and spending quality family time together.

Amanda’s favorite thing about her job is seeking how happy owners are when their pet is healthy or feeling better. “Pets are part of our family and when they are sick, we worry about them. It always makes me smile when they are back to their normal self. “


Waiting Room

When you first walk into Family Veterinary Services, LLC, you will be greeted by Megan Rustschilling, our Registered Veterinary Technician. She will check you in and bring you to either one of our State-Of-The-Art Examination Rooms or to the Waiting Room, which is the main room in Family Veterinary Services.

Fully Equipped Surgical Suite

In our Surgical Suites, we have Hotdog circulating air warmer that allows your pet to be comfortable at all times during any procedure that may occur. The new Patterson anesthesia machine and Vetspec monitoring equipment keeps your pet’s safety as our top priority. 

In the Surgical Suites, we also have a Dental Table and new Dental PRO machine that were both locally made at Midmark in Versailles, OH. This table allows us to clean the animals teeth and examine for any issues within the mouth.The Lift Wet Table allows for any fluids to go down in the drain and allow for a clean workspace for our veterinarian.

Examination Room & Mechanical Tables

The care of your pet is our upmost responsibility. Because of this, each examination room is equipped with Mechanical Tables that allow our veterinarians and veterinarian techs the ease of moving the animal without disturbing them. These tables will lower and lift to a level of comfort and has a built in scale for weighing them. Another application that we use in our Examination Rooms is a towel warmer that allows us to ensure the pet is comfortable while at Family Veterinarian Services, LLC.


The Kennels located in Family Veterinary Services are used to contain animals for a short time. While they are in the kennels, they receive fresh water and food to ensure that their stay is comfortable. The Kennels were made locally as well at Midmark in Versailles, OH.

Digital X-Ray Technology

Family Veterinary Services has a Vet-Ray Digital X-Ray machine that allows us to quickly examine any problem areas that your animal may be experiencing pain or sensitivity. Vet-Ray is the World Leader in Veterinary X-Ray Technology, so Family Veterinary Services can ensure that we will get a successful scan of your animal.

Grooming Room

Family Veterinary Services offers grooming for your pets. Sarah Keith is specialized with grooming, and has an extensive history of working with pets. Our grooming room is fully equipped with dryers and adjustable table to ensure that your pet is comfortable during the grooming process. The room is deep cleaned routinely to ensure that your pet will stay healthy and safe during the process.

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